Original Compositions

Guide to Playing Levels:
A – Beginning (up to ABRSM Grade 1) 
B – Elementary (ABRSM Grade 2)
C – Junior (ABRSM Grade 3-4)
D – Intermediate (ABRSM Grade 5-6)
E – Senior (ABRSM Grade 7+)

Scores and sets (one of each part) in pdf are available from Sheet Music Plus (individual links below) where you can see prices, score excerpts and hear audio clips.

If you would like to enquire about any of the music, please contact Ian Butterworth:

* 3rd violin & viola parts are included in the set.

Fugue: Baa Baa Black Sheep (string quartet) C/D
Barbara Allen (English) C
Bobby Shaftoe* (English) B/C
The British Grenadiers B/C
Camptown Races (USA) D/E
Come and Sing (Hungarian) C/D
La Cucaracha (Spanish/Mexican) C
Deep River (USA) C/D
The Drunken Sailor D/E
Fiesta (original) D/E
Go, Lassie go (Scottish) C/D
Greensleeves (English) C/D
Henry Martin* (Scottish) B/C
A Huron Lament* (Canadian) B
In Forest and Meadow* (Danish) B
The Irish Washerwoman (Irish) D/E
Joshua fit the Battle of Jerico (USA) D/E
Li’Liza Jane D/E
Pop goes the Weasel D/E
Raggle Taggle* (Scottish) C/D
The Sailors’ Hornpipe (English) D
Sing a Song of Sixpence (English) D/E
Soldier’s Joy* (Square Dance) C
The Skye Boat Song (Scottish) C
Suite: Sing a Song
Sing a Song of Sixpence; Barbara Allen; Pop goes the Weasel;
The Skye Boat Song; The Irish Washerwoman
The Wayfaring Stranger D/E


Sing a Song of Sixpence (Wind Quintet) D/E


The Bonnie Ship The Diamond (violin & piano) B
Bass Ball (double bass ensemble) D
Down in the Basement (4 doubles basses) D
Hungarian Dance (violin & piano) A
Hungarian Dance (cello & piano) A
Li’Liza Jane (violin & piano) C
Sarabande & March (viola & piano) C
The Wayfaring Stranger (violin & piano) C
Two for Three (violin, clarinet & trumpet) D
Viola Sonatine (viola & piano) D


Suite: Sing a Song (Str+ D/E
Sing a Song of Sixpence; Barbara Allen;
The Skye Boat Song;
Pop goes the Weasel

Two American Tunes (Str+ D/E
The Wayfaring Stranger;
Li’l Liza Jane

Aiken Drum (Suite: Lion of the North) (Str+ D/E

The Skye Boat Song (Suite: Lion of the North) (Str+ D

The Piper of Dundee (Suite: Lion of the North) (Str+ +T+perc) D/E

Ca’ the Yowes (Suite: Lion of the North) (Str+ D

Welcome A’ ye Tramps (Suite: Lion of the North) (Str+ D/E

Camptown Races (after Stephen Foster) (Str+ D/E

Three Miniatures (clarinet & string quartet) D

Fanfare & Scherzino (trumpet & trombone) D

Jingle Bells (after John Lord Pierpont) (Str+1+ D

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